Video Marketing

We use top quality equipment to accomplish video production from start to finish.

Today, video is a vibrant and popular part of the online experience. Connecting with customers through this versatile medium can open up valuable advertising and content marketing opportunities. Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium. It is important to capture video aligned with your companies mission and vision. Raiden Marketing Agency will help from the brainstorming creation to the final editing completion of the video you imagined. We strive to make the seemingly impossible, possible within your budget. With our social media expertise we will help you deliver the video to engage new potential customers. Watch some of our videos below to see the capabilities we have when it comes to capturing a wide range of content.

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Drift Videos

Safety is a big deal when filming action shots! Below are 2 drift videos that we completed with both safety and thrill in mind.

Action Sports

Take us along to capture your special moments on the mountain. We have captured proposals on the slopes and action shots at the terrain park. We want to take filming to new elevations to make your memories last forever.

Shooting Range

With our tactical Military experience and knowledge of weapon safety we will ensure that “tacti-cool” is captured without violating any range rules.

Law Enforcement & Department of Defense

Whether you’re Local Government or Federal Government, we are trusted personnel with clearances to showcase your agency for public affairs and/or recruiting. We are capable of capturing a wide range of training or specialized skills.

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Workout & Fitness




VLOG Style Videos

Scuba Diving

We are certified in Scuba Diving and would love to go on your underwater adventures to capture your special moments.

Location: Kingdom of Bahrain (Persian Gulf)

State Sponsored Programs