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We are located in New Mexico, Florida, California, Arizona, Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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Refund & Cancellation Policies

Like most Internet Marketing Companies, Raiden El Patron LLC cannot issue you a refund for the services that we render. This includes website designs, Internet marketing services, photography, social media, graphics work, print work, logo work, and content writing. We take a careful approach to helping you get the best Internet exposure possible. 

Raiden El Patron LLC does not have control over the policies, and practices, of third party companies/websites. Raiden El Patron LLC does not have control over third party social media companies and practices such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or similar businesses.

Client assumes all risk, responsibility for all client website(s) content, photos, social media content, and graphics. Client also assumes all risk, and responsibility, for content that is posted to any social media site, by Raiden El Patron LLC, on the client’s behalf.

Monthly Marketing Plans Cancellation Policy

Raiden El Patron LLC clients on an ongoing monthly marketing plan may cancel their plan, with 30 days prior written notice. Raiden El Patron LLC does not refund partial month payments. Cancellation only applies after the 30-day cancellation waiting period is over. Client will be charged for any work done during the 30-cancellation period.

Note: Clients who receive a new website design, as part of an ongoing monthly marketing plan, are not eligible to cancel their plan in the first 180 days. If the client cancels before the 180-day requirement, the total of all unpaid pending monthly charges will be owed.

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